No Cherry Picking!

Copper Mountain Soccer has had it brought to their attention that in more than one game and more than one team have allowed/ taught their players to stand on or near the goal line ( and in some cases behind the goal keeper) of the opposing team throughout the game in order to "cherry-pick" goals from the other team.

While Copper Mountain does not enforce an offside rule at the recreation soccer level in most age groups because it is a more difficult concept for those new to the game to understand, it is important that coaches are trying to teach the rules of the game and respect the proper play of the game.  To ensure this, we are implementing a new rule to prevent players from being allowed to play in an off-sides position.

Going forward, it will be the discretion of either coach to ask the referee and/ or for the referee themselves to ask any player who is in an offside position to move back to a "reasonable distance".  Reasonable distance will be defined as the offensive player moving back to an on-sides position when asked and a reminder to maintain a position within a couple of feet of the opposing teams defenders.  If the defenders move away from the goal, the  opposing teams offensive players must also move with them.  Any continued infringement of this rule will result in the whistle being blown and an offside call being made.  If at any time either coach asks the referee, the referee must oblige their request and move the player/ players back to insure fair play of the game.

The importance of this decision is so that fair play can be achieved and that the players will learn the proper rules and play of the game.  Forwards need to learn how to work with their teammates to move the ball up the field, not simply receive the ball and shoot.  Defenders need to learn how to support each other and intercept the oncoming attack, not simply sit back and wait to try to stop a shot.  Coaches need to help their players learn that proper fundamentals and team play are more valuable than scoring and winning.

If you have already taught this to your players, then this new change will not effect you.  If you have not yet explained/ taught this concept to your team then  we ask that you take a few minutes before your next game to go over this as it is being implemented effective immediately.