Club Expectations

Copper Mountain Soccer is dedicated to developing youth soccer players through quality coaching which requires a focused commitment by the player during all activities. The commitment necessary to the team is a responsibility borne by both the player and family. Prior to accepting a potential position on the roster it is important that everyone agrees to and understands the commitment being made to the team for the benefit of all players on the team. Please feel free to talk directly to the Coach with any concerns or questions you might have in advance of accepting a place on the roster.


We recognize that the commitment required for competition soccer is not for everyone, but it is necessary for this team in order to allow players who do wish to move beyond a seasonal recreational commitment to move forward and be challenged. The commitment is to a year-round program beginning June 6, 2022 and continuing until May 27, 2023 with a focus on both the fall and spring seasons.


1. When placed on the roster, each player commits to being at all games unless they are ill, injured or have a major and unavoidable family event, etc. Tournament play can be an exception assuming the team can get a guest player.


2. While players may play multiple sports which may create occasional conflicts, players recognize that the commitment to the team is for at least two weekly soccer practices throughout the year along with games each week while in season.