DOC Introduction

I would like to thank all the volunteer coaches that allow our Club to function.  As the Director of Coaching, I know you all pour hours of your personal time into helping the Club complete its mission. If you ever need any help with a training plan or idea, you can peruse the links on our site for "Training".  If you need further assistance, please do not heisitate to reach out to me.

Thank you all for your committment to our players!

Renata Lawson, DOC

Become a Licensed Coach

At Copper Mountain Soccer® we are committed to furthering our volunteer coach’s soccer education. We know that as we support our coaches, that we are also supporting our players. We encourage our recreation coaches to visit the Utah Youth Soccer Association website to receive more information on coach licensing:

Competition coaches must have, as a foundation, their Grass Roots License in order to coach. We have a great mentoring program within our club and encourage all coaches to further their knowledge base in the great game of soccer.

Reimbursement options are available for qualified coaches.